Three years ago today, the world lost an angel. Amy Winehouse was much more than just ‘the singer with the beehive’ She was a true talent. She was wise beyond her years. Like she’d been here before. It’s unfortunate her life was tragically cut short. I would of loved to hear what other music she had planned. One of if not the best singer/songwriters of the 21st century. Amy, I can relate to you being by being a caring and sensitive soul. You had too much heart for this world, something some people can’t see unfortunately. Thank you for all the magical music you made. I will cherish it for the rest of my life. I love you Amy even though I never had the pleasure of meeting you. In this cool shade, my tears dry on their own. <3

Amy, today marks 3 years since your concert in Belgrade that was deemed your worst show. It was apparent that were not ready to comeback and play yet. I wish you could have stuck around longer, i’m sure there would some awesome tunes. So instead of posting that footage, I’ll share your last appearance where you seemed happy and healthy. Sharing the stage with your god-daughter Dionne. <3Amy

majichigo asked:

Yeah, and so? You don't own the photo so I don't care :) and I don't follow you so how would I have noticed it was in your archive? Are you retarded? And wow yes of course I uploaded it because it's your edit lmfao.

"i don’t care" You must be a total cunt. Bottom line is it’s rude, I worked on it not you. Obviously you saw it somewhere. Duh. 

'if you can't detect the sarcasm you've misunderstood'